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Get an edge over the competition and land more interviews. We leverage AI to generate ATS-optimized resumes that can target any job. No complicated dashboards or scores - we'll do the hard work for you.

Frustrated with no job callbacks? ATS bots might be filtering out your resume by certain skills and keywords. ResumeOptimizerPro compares your resume to any job and seamlessly integrates them, boosting your interview chances by up to 50%. Apply to multiple jobs with a custom resume tailored specifically for each one.

Job posting skills integration
Targeted cover letters
Multiple writing styles
Target position skills integration
ATS-optimized templates
AI Resume Builder

How it works

A few clicks is all it takes to get an ATS-optimized resume that is targeted for any job. Unlike our competitors, we handle the heavy lifting, leaving you to simply review and personalize your optimized resume once it's generated.

1. Upload your resume

If it's a bad resume don't worry - we'll apply best practices for resume writing and fix it for you!

original resume

2. Copy & paste a job

Our algorithm will automatically detect the skills and attributes required by the job.

job description

3. Select skills & keywords

Pick the attributes and skills you currently have experience with but are missing from your resume.

skills picker

4. Get your new resume

We'll reformat it for ATS consumption and integrate the skills for better job matching. Just make final edits to it.

skills picker

Recruiter solutions

Recruiters can use ResumeOptimizerPro to optimize and reformat candidate resumes so that they conform to their company's specifications. We also offer an API to seamlessly integrate our software into any system.

Reformat Candidate Resumes

We'll reformat and standardize your canidate resumes so they can be easily presented to your clients.


In addition to our dashboard, we provide an API that can easily be integrated by any developer.

An AI Resume Optimizer designed to beat ATS bots

When you submit a resume online, it will likely pass through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) before reaching a recruiter or employer. With over a decade of experience within the recruiting software industry, we understand precisely what these systems seek when scanning resumes and matching them with job openings.

We know exactly where to place skills to increase your matching score
We structure your resume according to universally accepted standards
We produce templates that can easily be consumed by any ATS
resume optimization features

Target your resume for any position or job posting

Create multiple versions of your resume, each optimized for a specific job posting or target position. We can achieve this by allowing you to select skills that are required by the job posting (or target position) but may be missing from your resume.

We will then leverage AI to organically integrate these and other relevant keywords into your resume within strategic sections that can increase your matching score by up to 50% (learn more).

Content Optimization

We will craft a concise, professional summary and remove any unnecessary content that bloats your resume.

Skills Gap Analysis

Evaluate the skills required by a job that you currently possess or identify the ones you wish to acquire.

Multiple Template Options

Choose from our stylish MS Word templates, guaranteed to work seamlessly with any job board or ATS.

Tageted Cover Letters

We can create targeted cover letters for any job posting, allowing you to stand out from the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you submit a resume online, it is highly likely to undergo a process involving parsing and matching software before it reaches the eyes of a recruiter or potential employer. Parsing software is designed to extract information from your resume, making it compatible with various systems like ATSs (Applicant Tracking Systems) and job boards. Matching software evaluates your skills, work experience, education, and other relevant factors to match you with suitable job opportunities.

As a result, having a resume optimized for these systems becomes essential in the job search process. Our service will take your existing resume and adapt it to meet these requirements effectively.

If you wish to land a position that requires specialized skills, the optimization of your resume for each job opportunity plays a pivotal role.

When submitting a resume for a job application, it typically undergoes evaluation by matching software that considers various factors, with a particular focus on skills, to rank you among other applicants. Our service allows you to compare your resume against any specific job and generates a list of skills required for the position. You then have the option to select any skills for which you possess relevant experience. Subsequently, our AI organically incorporates these skills into strategic sections of your resume, ensuring better alignment with the job's requirements and significantly enhancing your chances of securing the position.

Moreover, you can continually refine your resume for various job opportunities, applying with a customized version tailored to each specific role.

It is quite common that not all of the skills you have experience with are present in your resume. With job title optimization, you can enter your current job title (or target position you would like to obtain), and we will present you with a list of top skills that are relevant for it.

You can then select the skills you have experience with and we will organically integrate them into your resume. This will make your resume match better to positions with that particular job title.

Unlike other services that require you to navigate multiple steps just to update a single resume, our service streamlines the process. With just a few clicks, we will optimize your resume for each job you wish to apply for. This streamlined approach significantly enhances your chances of securing interviews for every job opportunity.

Furthermore, we harness the power of cutting-edge AI, leveraging large language models to create a standout professional summary. We also revamp and condense sections of your resume using your existing information, greatly enhancing its readability. This ensures that your resume immediately captures the attention of recruiters and potential employers. Additionally, we highlight your most relevant skills, aligning them more effectively with job openings in your areas of expertise.

Although scores are useful in determining how well your resume matches a specific job posting, they are arbitrary and candidates tend to focus on them too much. In other words, candidates may just want to increase their score in order to "game the system" and have their resume rank higher even though it may have information that is not applicable to them.

Because of this, we decided not to include scores in our dashboard and simply let you choose the keywords and skills that you currently have experience with. This is guaranteed to improve your matching score no matter which criteria is being used while presenting a more accurate representation of your skills and attributes.

Yes! Whether you already have what you believe is an excellent resume or are uncertain about its quality, our optimized version can offer you new perspectives and ideas on how to approach or enhance specific sections. So, even if you find yourself less than completely satisfied with our final product, you're likely to uncover valuable elements that can enhance your current resume.

And remember, the most effective way to utilize our service is to optimize your resume for each job you intend to apply for, and you can achieve this with just a few clicks.

Absolutely! By implementing resume standardization, you can guarantee the consistent presentation of a uniform template to all your clients. Our AI will also correct any typos and grammar mistakes to enhance the presentation of your candidates.

While PDFs remain in widespread use, they are not the ideal format for resumes. The primary reason for this is that PDFs are graphic-based rather than text-based. Consequently, when parsing software converts PDFs to text, the extracted content may diverge from the original document, potentially affecting the accuracy of resume parsing and matching.

It's worth mentioning that our service may not always produce a flawless result. Therefore, using a widely accepted format such as MS Word allows for further customization of your resume to better align with your specific requirements.

Although we do use Large Language Models such as ChatGPT to enhance your resume, there are several things LLMs cannot do for you.

First, we individually optimize each section (e.g., work history, education, skills, etc.) in alignment with universally recognized best practices for resume writing. With over a decade of experience in resume parsing and matching software systems, we possess in-depth knowledge of their intricacies.

Second, you can easily tailor your resume to match any specific target position or job posting with just a few clicks, allowing for quick optimization.

Finally, we provide a variety of MS Word templates that are guaranteed to be compatible and perform well on any job board or Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

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