Recruiter Solutions

Reformat candidate resumes in seconds

Tired of having to fix candidate resumes manually? ResumeOptimizerPro can optimize and reformat your candidates' resumes in seconds so that they conform to your company's specifications and be easily presented to your clients. We also offer an API to seamlessly integrate our software with your existing ATS.

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In addition to our dashboard, we provide an API that can easily be integrated by any developer.

Professional Summaries

We'll craft concise, professional summaries that highlight your candidate's achievements.

Anonymize Personal Info

Anonymize personal information to protect your candidate's identity until you're ready to disclose to your client.

ATS Compatible Templates

We offer multiple ATS-friendly templates. We can also integrate a custom template for you.

Ensure any ATS can consume your resumes

Regardless of where you send a resume, it will likely pass through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) needs to parse it. In a single transaction, we will reformat your resume in a way that is designed to parse seamlessly on any ATS.

We'll standardize your resumes regardless of their original format
Our templates are guaranteed to parse and match perfectly
We'll automatically fix any grammar and spelling mistakes
resume optimization features