Optimize with a few clicks

A few clicks is all it takes to create a that is targeted for a specific job posting or job title. You can also experiment with different templates and writing styles. Watch the video below to see how easy it is.

Step-by-step example

You can optimize your resume either by itself or you can target it for a specific job posting or job title. We recommend optimizing your resume by itself first and use it as your baseline resume to optimize for any job postings.

1. Upload your resume

Upload your resume through our Dashboard. If you do not have a resume or wish to create one from scratch, you can use our AI Resume Builder.

upload resume

2. Enter a job posting or a job title you would like to obtain (optional)

Optionally, copy-and-paste a job posting from any major job board into the dashboard. Alternatively, you can enter the job title you would like to obtain and we will optimize your resume for it.

copy job

paste job

3. Choose Your Options

Select your template and any additional options (Note: If you don't wish for us to enhace the writing style of your resume with AI, select the "Unmodified" writing style option). Then click Optimize!

paste job

4. Review your skills and keywords

If a job posting or job title to obtain was specified, a list of skills and relevant keywords for either of these will appear. Choose the skills you currently have experience with but are missing from your resume in order of proficiency. If you have worked with these skills recently, the "Add to work history" option will integrate the top skills into your work history to further improve your matching score. Then, click Continue.

select skills

5. Review your optimized resume

Download your optimized resume, review it carefully, and make any necessary adjustments. Please note that even though we use AI to improve the grammar and readability of your resume, not everything may read exactly the way you want so you may want to update the verbiage to make it uniquely your own. When making updates, do not alter the overall format as it designed for optimal parsing on any job board or ATS.

review resume

6. Apply to the job posting

If you chose to optimize for a job posting, apply for it with your optimized resume.



Next steps

We recommend that you repeat this process with your optimized baseline resume for every job posting you wish to apply for. You can also experiment with different templates and writing styles so you can choose the one you like best.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us any time.